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Meditation can be particularly hard for many people – and you might be one of them. Even on a good day, it can be tricky to maintain your focus in order to reap the benefits, and the benefits are ones research is confirming more and more: a healthier physical life, a healthier mental life, a stronger and more robust intellect, a more flexible and healthy emotional state. And while science doesn’t get to weigh in on the state of your spirituality, meditation will deepen any practice that you have and connect you more firmly with That Which Is.

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If meditation isn’t the easiest thing for you, and yet you want the benefits, maybe you should try some guided meditations.

I write stories in which mythical characters meditate for hours upon hours upon hours during the day, and you know, that works for them. But for you and I, twenty minutes a day can start to change our lives. And if you break that twenty minutes into two sections of ten? Still fine. And if you can add a little bit of study – five minutes of reading something spiritual and uplifting – and a little bit of creativity – five minutes of art, or writing, or gardening, or any kind of creation you want to bring a sense of mindfulness into, then the effects of the meditation begin to multiply. Why? Because when we sit in meditation, even a guided meditation, we begin to master our monkey minds, and when we bring that mastery out into the rest of our lives by doing things that are inherently good and life giving to us, and doing them not by rote, but with great mindfulness and intention, we extend the meditative state.

Soon, you’ll be meditating while walking around and talking to people.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Because right now it’s hard to just manage to meditate once in a while, when you remember, when you can scrape the time together. But you can change that, right now.

Go do a guided meditation. I have two available right now, which you can find listed just below, and I’ll be posting at least once a week in my series of guided meditations, if not more often. And really, the Internet is full of guided meditations. And if you’re a little wary (and it’s always good to be wary of what one finds on the Internet), feel free to listen to the guided meditation in question once through without actually meditating to it, to make sure it doesn’t have anything questionable or sketchy about it. (Whether or not it sounds goofy while you’re not meditating to it isn’t something that ought to be judged. That’s like pointing out that people make agonizing faces during sex, so it must hurt. It seems to make sense at the time, but is actually a misleading assumption to make.)

Sare’s YouTube Channel:

White Light Guided Meditation

Breathing Guided Meditation

If you’re looking for future guided meditations published after this blogpost, you can find a listing of posts describing them, complete with links, right here.


If you have any requests or suggestions about guided meditations, let me know in the comments below. I have an idea for about a dozen guided meditations at present, but I’m always taking requests, and if it’s doable I’ll bump your suggestion to the top of the list.

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