GOD. EXPLAINED. (No, really.)

My last post was about God’s ineffable plan (and how some really great stories, ie Good Omens fit in with that). This post is about the part of God’s ineffable plan that is obvious. How can the ineffable be obvious? Isn’t that contradictory? Paradox? Confused? Read on!

So this is spoken poetry that is a riff on worship (I do this weekly, but this one is my favorite so far). A constant question in my life is ‘Do I really need to go to church?’ Yes, even as a priest, I wrestle and go back and forth on this. I’d like to sleep in on Sundays, too. And have an actual weekend. And whether I wrestle with the question in a deeply personal and private way, or in a more corporate, ‘does anyone need to go to church anymore?’ the answer I continually get back is, ‘Yes. For now.’

So here’s the latest, and most favorite wrestling match with God:


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