Sunday Sermons, LIVE!

Good morning and happy Easter! I have great news for you today.

Today was the very first time I’ve gone livestreaming on my Sunday Sermon, and if you want in on this, you can join us!

The Sunday Sermon is just that – a sermon. No rituals, no reading, no prayers. (If you like rituals, reading, and prayers, I invite you to check out my church’s website and the prerecorded liturgy I do for them.)

I’d love for you to join me on Sunday mornings at 9 AM EST (GMT-4). It’s currently hosted on Zoom, but if you don’t have a membership there, don’t worry – it’s free and painless, just go to Zoom’s website and sign up.

Join the Sunday Sermon at 9AM EST (GMT-4) by clicking this link. The password is hopesjoy

I look forward to seeing you next Sunday! And in the meantime, have some of this Sunday. :)


And here’s the one from April 19th:

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