LOKI: Book Launch Party!

Today is the day we celebrate the book launch of my first published novel, Loki of Midgard: How to be lost and found in one week, a love story. Come and join me as we celebrate with free giveaways, signings (yes, even digitally we’ll manage it), Q+A time, and readings!

Click this link to get to the Book Launch Party at 7PM EST (GMT-4) on April 21, 2020! The password is LOKI.

The way Zoom works, we can have 100 people in a room. So if there happen to be more than a hundred of you interested in attending, you’ll be in the waiting room until 8PM EST, when the first hundred leave and I can let the next hundred in. If this is the case, if you leave the waiting room, you lose your place in line. But you do still have time to join the VIP party instead, which involves a guaranteed spot at 6PM EST –if you’re interested, go become a patron and you’ll have access.

Loki Cover Small
It’s even prettier when it’s on your shelf.

If you can’t make the party but want to read the book, here’s a link to my Amazon Author page.

I’m super excited, and even though this Book Launch Party is definitely byo canapes, I think it’ll still be a lot of fun. :) See you there!

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