Free Book Giveaway!

I am raffling off free copies of my debut novel, Loki of Midgard! If you’re looking for a smart, steamy, satisfying read for quarantine and beyond, this is the book for you! I’ll be raffling off a book each week for the next six weeks, so if you don’t win one week, you may win the next!

Click this link to submit your entry!

…wait, what’s Loki of Midgard?

Meet Loki as you’ve never seen him before… The most important seven days of Loki’s life are the ones in which he has run away to Earth. Keening and in pain, he didn’t expect to find love.

Meet the woman he had given up on finding… Abby is in a holding pattern – a bout of Mono delayed her college graduation and she’s no longer sold on the practice of kissing frogs to find a prince. Will she be able to keep her focus in the face of extreme temptation?

Loki of Midgard, how to be lost and found in one week, a love story, debut novel by Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, is a fast-paced fantasy romance and the first of a trilogy of novels.

EDIT: Having COVID-19 has slowed me down a bit (happily, only a bit), and so I’m behind in giving away books! I still have four to give away, two physical copies and two ebooks. So if you want in, Click this link to submit your entry! (All physical books will be signed and sent after I fully recover and am out of quarantine.)

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