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Yeah, so 2020. That was a tough one. Me and my loved ones got through it intact, despite some of them being front-line workers, and as part of my gratitude cultivation in 2021, I’m releasing bonus scenes and pre-release scenes to stories I’m working on over on my patreon account to every tier, yes, including the $1 tier. Why? Because at heart, I’m a storyteller. And most of the gifts I’ve been given are gifts of storytelling, so that’s mostly the gifts I’ll be giving.

Partly, I’ve considered doing this because I’ll be writing on a deadline and switching from one story to another in a somewhat arbitrary fashion, having nothing to do with inspiration and everything to do with what day it is. Now, I’ll grant you, this idea of writing on a deadline is… new. Mostly because writing has never been a full-time job, and though it’s been a part-time job for the last several years, being ill has been the part-time job that mostly took it over. Well, my migraines are almost entirely under control, and this year I’m spending part of the year on Sabbatical from the job that actually pays me a living wage. And what am I doing on Sabbatical?

Writing. (Finishing The Meddler.)

And editing. (The Crown Prince.)

So, the long and short of it is, I often write ahead and if I have bits of a story that aren’t going to see the light of day for a few days or even a week or more, I’m going to pop it up on my patreon account for the benefit and enjoyment of all the people who are supporting my creativity. All those scenes will eventually see the light of day on my archive of choice,, or in print and ebook versions of my stories on sale, but in the weeks, months, or years before that happens, they will still be available.

What fandoms and stories are we talking, here?

Definitely the Loki of Midgard trilogy, both the fanfiction version and also the original version. Definitely Debts of Honor, which is in the Harry Potter fanfiction universe. Very possibly other things that catch my attention in other fandoms. If there is actually some call for it, I may reach back and see if I can find anything I’ve written ahead from the DESS universe, which would be the Twilight fandom, but currently I don’t have any patrons who’ve read that, so that would be less of a Gratitude Exercise and more of an exercise in confusion for them.

To be clear, all this stuff is writing I plan to release either in fanfic version for free on, or original fic version that I’m putting in novels and subsequently publishing. So if you want to wait, no worries. And if you like instant gratification, then for the year 2021 at least, I can accomodate you.

Leave me a comment if you’d want to see whatever it is I’ve written ahead for DESS dropped in my Patreon, and if you’d like to go become one of my patrons, you can go check that out here.

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