Baptized with the Spirit – Different than Water??

Hey, all! This is a touchy issue for some because when we interpret the Bible over the years (and by years, I mean millennia) we can come upo with some very different meanings and we can… well, we can really grab those meanings up into our arms like a cherished child (or a football) and run through the gridiron with our heads down and our hearts out.

Full speed ahead.

Damn the torpedoes.

And this has happened more than once with Christianity, as it has with other world religions.

In this sermon I’ll unpack some of the cultural context of being baptized ‘with the Holy Spirit’ versus ‘without the Holy Spirit’, where some Christians over the years have taken the idea, and how it can help and hinder us today. (If you’re looking for the readings I reference, check here.)

Buckle up and here we go!

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