Truth From Fiction, a new newsletter from Sare Liz

I’ve been thinking about putting out an inspirational little newsletter for an embarrassing amount of months now and I’ve finally gotten all my ducks in a row to begin it. And here it is.

The idea behind it is really the idea behind why I still love writing and why I write what I do: In between the lines of fiction we can find deep truths that are easier to swallow for being in fiction. We can learn a different way to be that might be healthier than the one we presently have. We can be inspired to hope where we had not before. We can be brought joy in the midst of an anxious and crazed world.

Of course, fiction can lie to us, too, but why celebrate that and give it airtime?

So each short newsletter will have a quote from an author’s fiction or comments on it, a pretty little meme I’ve created to go with the quote, and a brief reflection on the quote. There will also be a possible moment of action to take, if you’re feeling it. I’ll also have links to my latest posts toward the bottom of the newsletter, plus anything else interesting I’m doing which will vary from week to week and month to month.

And I’m always down for new and interesting quotes from fiction authors, so if you’ve got your favorites and want to see them used in the newsletter, hit me up. I’m listening.

And if you know you just want to sign up for that now, you can do that here.

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