White Light Guided Meditation

When the darkness is all around and you can’t imagine being calm, being happy, or being quite sane ever again, anyone with eyes to see could tell you that the light is right there, right next to you, only you can’t see it. But how is that helpful, when you can’t see it, or feel it, or sense it in anyway? (Unless you trust them implicitly, it’s really not helpful.)

So here is the White Light Guided Meditation that I recently recorded to help you bring the light closer and closer to you, no matter how far away it may seem to be, even a tiny pinpoint twelve lightyears away.

Fans of the novel series Loki of Midgard will recognize this White Light Guided Meditation as the one that Loki led his favorite physicist through when she was wound so tightly that she couldn’t concentrate on a single thing for more than half a moment. After much goading from fans to make the meditation available separately from the chapter, I’ve done so.

I hope it is useful, and I hope that if you haven’t done so, you’ll consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel. (Every subscription helps!) If you have questions, let me know. And if you do the guided meditation, I’d love to know how it worked, or didn’t work for you. (Feedback is gold.)

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